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There is still time to stop free trade deals locking Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific countries into poverty.

Please write to your MP

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 Since 2002, the European Union (EU) has been trying to forge Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with 75 of its former colonies. The deals are forcing poor farmers and vulnerable producers from developing countries in direct competition with rich nations. If the agreements are not changed dramatically, they will threaten the futures of up to 750 million people.

  The Campaign so far…

 The Trade Justice Movement is calling on the UK Government to use its full influence to stop the deals going ahead in their current form and to listen to the serious concerns of poor countries.

 As part of an International day of action on April 19th 2007, the Trade Justice Movement targeted the embassies of the 26 EU members plus the UK Department for Trade and Industry and the European Commission. Together campaigners ensured they heard the message loud and clear and they would ask their governments to stop pushing unfair trade deals on the poorest countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific

What can you do before African, Caribbean and pacific countries get locked into poverty…?

 The EPAs are due to conclude in December 2007 and it is more important than ever to take action.

 TJM has produced a briefing paper on EPAs to challenge UK government on its position. Copies of these will be sent to all MPs in October and are available on request for you to lobby your MP.

 This is an urgent time for action on behalf of African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.  The UK Government must be told how unfair these agreements are.  Please take action.

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Handing over the petition to 

Peter Mandelson


50 Tons of Mancunians

'Weigh In' for trade Justice

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Taking the Trade Justice message to the very top!

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Sugar Regime

Sugar farmer in South Africa

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