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World Debt Day

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The Crisis isn't over

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10 years on, only $88bn has been actually cancelled.


Another $413bn must be cancelled to help poor countries meet the MDGs


Another 36 countries desperately need debt cancellation-see list below


In 2005 the poorest countries paid $43bn in debt service to rich countries; that's $118/day.


Developing countries paid 5 times as much in debt service as they received in aid!


36 More countries need debt relief

Angola Lesotho
Armenia Liberia
Azerbaijan Marshall Islands
Bangladesh Moldova
Belize Mongolia
Cambodia Morocco
Djibouti Nepal
Dominica Pakistan
Ecuador Panama
Egypt Papua New Guinea
El Salvador Paraguay
Georgia Peru
Grenada Philippines
Haiti Tajikistan
Indonesia Tunisia
Jamaica Ukraine
Kenya Vietnam
Lebanon Yemen


Updated 01 Juni 2008   

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