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The  EU Sugar Regime must be reformed:-

Sugar Summary

       EU prices $600  are about double world prices $300  (some say three times)

      EU exports 5M tons/a refined white sugar varies, 2000/1 was claimed 7M tons

      Total world market is about 42M tons

      EU prices are NOT actually CAP subsidies, they are paid by the sugar industry (80% certain)!

      Mozambique loses $106M of sales (c.f. $136 M aid)

      In 2001 EU exported 1M tons to Zambia and Malawi alone both sugar producers

      According to ACSTA, EU dumping has lost 16,000 jobs in Swazi sugar industry and 20,000 in ascociated industries.

      Over the past decade, the South African Sugar Association estimates that the EU has depressed the world sugar price by 20 to 40 percent, forcing small farmers like David out of business

      EU sugar prices cost the UK consumer 500M/a (UK sugar industry report)

      EU sugar production (year?) 23M tons, 14M consumed, 6M exported rest stored.  System has A quota for consumption, B for export and C which is not subsidised for surplus.  UK produces 2.4M tons, 1.4M tons is UK sugar Beet the rest imported cane.


       EU imports from poor ACP countries 1.3M raw sugar (often quoted at 1.7M tons incorrectly.)

      Brazil is now biggest exporter and has costs lower than say Mozambique.

Patricia Hewitt, Baroness Symonds have called for reform of Sugar Regime


The UK Sugar Industry (processors) have called for reform of Sugar Regime! (They pay the high prices!)


The EBA (Everything But Arms agreement) will allow sugar in from 2006-20008 free in 2009 potentially benefiting poor countries (possibly a limit at 2.7M tons?)

Sugar Reform

bulletEven Patricia Hewitt calls for reform -see DTI
bulletEven the UK sugar Industry Call for reform see brief
bulletRead Oxfam's brief -
bulletRead Cafod's example
bulletPascal Lamy on sugar!

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