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Taking the Trade Justice message to the very top!

The call for Trade Justice was taken to the very top of the EU in Brussels when six delegates from the North West of England took a petition from almost 2,000 supporters of the Trade Justice campaign to Pascal Lamy, EU Commissioner for Trade.  Pascal Lamy, as head of the EU negotiating team at the WTO (World Trade Organisation) talks in Cancun, Mexico this September is the amongst the most powerful men in the world with a responsibility to make the World Trade rules fair and just for the poorest people in the world.

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Left to right - (Click on photo for larger copy)

       Polly Taylor

            Samir Chatterjee

                    Andrew Dawson

                            Pascal Lamy

                                 Mark Coleman

                                    Dave Pearce

                                      Chris Worral

                                       Chris Davies MEP

The delegates argued for Trade Justice on behalf of the billion people in the world living on less than a dollar a day and the 19,000 who die every day from diseases of poverty.  In their name we called for no new rules to be forced on poor countries until the promises of the richest countries to reduce their trade barriers and end export subsidies had been met.  

bulletTaking the petition ensured we got our message right to the top!
bulletThey need us!  To progress trade justice, they need our campaigns
bulletHearing the other side of the argument was interesting
bulletWe should focus on sugar regime this year

Chris Davies, Liberal Democrat MEP for the North West organised the meeting with Pascal Lamy.  All of the delegates were impressed by the opportunity to be able to take our message directly to the very top and the openness and warmth of the reception.  The spirit of co-operation and consensus within the EU Parliament in Brussels is in stark contrast to the adversarial style of Westminster!

Pascal Lamy not only understood all of the issues raised but also took a very positive stance on the EU responsibility to make trade fairer for the poorest countries.  He was optimistic that export subsidies would continue to fall, that the sugar regime would be resolved by the end of the year and that the impasse with America on access to medicines (mainly for AIDs) would be resolved at Cancun. To quote from Pascal Lamy “It is great to see groups like TJM getting involved.  Next stop Cancun, where we hope to make sure that the Round lives up to its billing, and that developing countries get a fair deal out of the WTO.” 

After the meeting all of the delegates agreed it had been a very positive and hopefully successful opportunity to convey the commitment and passion for trade rules to be made fairer to the very top of the political tree.  Billions of people’s lives depend on the rich countries meeting their promises to make these negotiations something for the developing countries to really celebrate.



19 Juni 2006