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Global White Band Day 3

December 10th

 It opened with a samba band and a call for action for trade justice in developing countries and ended with a candle-lit vigil to remember a year of campaigning and the millions of people whose lives have been affected by poverty and natural disaster.

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 White Band Day 3 in Great Northern Square Manchester saw speakers from the Pakistani Resource Centre, Oxfam and a Post-Tsunami Envoy, share a stage to talk about their experiences and to ask people to keep up the pressure and not forget about the world’s poorest people.

 As the Bateria Samba Band played on into the early evening, children from the Trade Justice Rappers sounded out their message for fair trade in developing countries.

Chris Worrall, Trade Campaigner for Oxfam in the North West, said: “2005 has been a fantastic year for campaigning. The Make Poverty History coalition has helped to put the fundamental issues affecting the world’s poorest people to the top of the agenda and has kept constant pressure on world leaders to act.

 “There’s a great atmosphere here today that shows that even as 2005 draws to a close, we are still here, still making noise and we will continue to keep making a noise next year.”

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 Steven Pennells, an active campaigner in Manchester for trade justice, said: “The agencies can now move forward in calling the governments to account to the issues of responsibility that they promised earlier this year. And we’ll be watching to make sure they do that.” 

 By Amy Merone 

Edinburgh was a great success

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